Materials & Procedures


  • What do I need for my private lesson each week?
  1. ​Spiral notebook
    • Students write down their practice objectives, details about the objectives, amount of time utilized practicing, and any questions they have for me for their next lesson.
  2. Required etude books​​​​​
  3. Other basic Materials
    • metronome/tuner​
    • a pencil​
    • a red pen
    • a highlighter​​​​
Many of the basic materials are already required as part of their membership of That Wylie Band™/their band program.​​ If you have any questions about the materials listed above, don't hesitate to contact me.


  • Lesson arrival time
    • During school hours: come to your lesson 2 minutes before it starts.
    • Before/after school hours: be there 5 minutes before your lesson starts to warm up and be ready to play.
  • Missing a lesson
    • Switch with another student in your class period:
      • Example: If Suzie has a lesson on Thursdays at 2 PM but can't make it, she could/should switch with Johnny who has a lesson on Friday at 2 PM or Jamie who has lessons on Monday at 2 PM. There is always someone to trade with!
    • Call/Text/Email me 24 hours in advance
      • If you absolutely cannot switch with another student, you must contact me that you're unable to attend, otherwise you must still pay for the missed lesson.
  • Flute Room
    • Uses
      • The flute room is a safe, non-judgemental space for my high school students to practice. When I am not teaching in the room, students are to utilize it for practice purposes only. 
      • Other private lesson teachers will need the room on high volume lesson days. Please allow those teachers to use the room for their lessons.
    • Care & Decor
      • Any artwork/photos/messages in the room should be appropriate and tasteful. If you have to question whether or not the item is appropriate, it probably isn't.
      • If you see anyone vandalizing anything in the room, please let me know and I will notify a director.
Following procedures will help maintain a successful, and well organized studio. If there are any questions regarding these procedures, don't hesitate to contact me.